Extending Hands: China and U.S pledge strong ties

Hu Jinato and Barack Obama aim stronger ties
Hu Jinato and Barack Obama

The US President Barack Obama and the Chinese President Hu Jintao shake hands to pledge for a stronger and powerful future relation. The Chinese President said that the U.S and China should seek common grounds. Barack Obama is optimistic about this relation saying that China and U.S have a gigantic stake in each other’s success.

During a ceremony held to greet Chinese President Hu Jintao at White House, President Barack Obama said that the two nations would be more secure when they work together. He also said that the two nations can gain prosperity by such a relation. U.S President Barack Obama also raised the issue of human rights during the ceremony.

It is expected that the two leaders have entered into a new sequel of talks over security and defense. The talks are also expected to discuss the issues of trade and currency. The two leaders shook hands after the arrival of Hu Jintao. The Chinese President was greeted with complete military honors. The two leaders stood at the lawn of White House when the national anthems of the two nations were played. This was accompanied by 21-gun salute.  The two leaders then went on to meet the public members that were invited.

The two leaders then addressed the crowd. President Barack Obama referenced the meeting of Chinese leader Deng Xiao with Jimmy Carter in 1979. This meeting had served to normalize relations between the United States of America and China. He also said that the current talks will lay foundation for upcoming 30 years.

President Barack Obama also addressed on Human rights. He said that history is evident that the world has been just, the societies have been harmonious and countries have been more prosperous as a result of upholding human rights.

Chinese President Hu Jintao, in response to Barack Obama said that the relationship of two nations have yielded fruitful results and also achieved progressive results. He further added that the relationship between the two nations should be based upon mutual respect. He also said the time now is colorful and diverse, so the two nations need to respect each other’s development paths. He also said that the two nations should also respect each other interests.

The two biggest economies of the world share an unbalanced trade situation. US exports to China are 81.8 billion dollars while US imports from are 344.1 billion dollars. US is encouraging China to purchase aircrafts, car parts and agricultural goods and beef worth tens of billions of dollar. The two nations are optimistic about the stronger ties in the upcoming future but it is time that would decide the fate of such a relation.

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