Panelo, Duterte’s Spokesperson No More: Find Out Why

Panelo, Duterte's Spokesperson No More: Find Out Why

Panelo is not Duterte’s Spokesperson anymore. Here is why. Panelo is not Duterte’s spokesperson anymore but gets new assignment from the president. The Lawyer will have a new designation according to the newly designated spokesman, Ernie Abella by saying, “Mr. Panelo will be his chief legal counsel,” The announcement has come out after the Philippine … Read more

Dahon Girl Aspires With Duterte’s Support

Dahon Girl Aspires With Duterte's Support

Dahon Girl, Jhessa Balbastro- an elemetary student that has been a case topic during the presidential debate, brings Duterte a message. Dahon Girl once again gave a brief message with regards to her aspiration in education, brings the message to the president-elect Duterte. In an interview, the child give a message for Duterte in her … Read more

NASA Records Earth’s Hottest, May 2016

NASA Records Earth's Hottest, May 2016

NASA records the  hottest global mark in 136 years . NASA records the Earth’s hottest, breaking the global records. The Northern hemisphere has been reported to finish its hottest spring based on statistics’ record. The first four months of 2016 were the warmest globally in 136 years. The Arctic sea and the Greenland ice sheet started the unusual melting … Read more

Passenger Complaints Rude Ceres Employees

Passenger Complains Rude Ceres Employees

Passenger complaints rude ticketing booth employee and a conductor of Ceres bus. Passenger complaints about the rude and disrespectful manner of the Ceres bus employee, wrote a letter to the company concerned. The passenger was Christian Reyes and in detail written in his letter what the incident brought to him that day. The worst thing … Read more

Duterte Theme Used In Solor-painting And Bike Series

Duterte Theme Used In Solor-painting

Duterte theme was used in a work of art by through a solar-painting style by two artists. Duterte theme was used in a work of art of two artists from Baguio City and Benguet. The entire pieces has been Duterte inspired theme. The two artists, namely Jordan Mang-Osan from Bayabas, Pico, La Trinidad, Benguet and … Read more

Miss Zamboanga Explains Her Jaw Dropping Answer

Miss Zamboanga Explains Her Jaw Dropping Answer

Miss Zamboanga aired her side on the viral answer she gave during the pageant. Miss Zamboanga, Bellatrix Tan, aired her side regarding her jaw dropping answer that went viral, during the Miss Earth competition held at the UP Theater in Diliman. In an interview with DZMM, Tan has defended herself against the critics by saying, “I know po talaga … Read more

Jaw Dropping Answer of Miss Zamboanga goes viral

Jaw dropping response of Miss Zamboanga during the Miss Earth competition held at the UP Theater in Diliman goes viral. Jaw dropping answer of Miss Zamboanga went viral online. Miss Zamboanga Bellatrix Tan, has expressed her thoughts on the weather-related phenomena #ElNiño and #LaNiña. During the Miss Earth competition, held at the UP Theater in … Read more

Environmental Planners’ Scheduled To Take Exam Today

Environmental Planners' Scheduled To Take Exam Today

Environmental Planners’ Exam starts today until tomorrow, June 8-9.

Environmental Planners’ exam is scheduled June 8-9 this year. The Professional Regulatory Board for the Environmental Planners Licensure will be conducted in cities of Manila, Cebu, Davao, Legaspi, Cagayan De Oro, Lucena and Tacloban.
Environmental Planners' Scheduled To Take Exam Today

The two-day exam will cover Environmental Planning Processes , Techniques and Strategies as well as, History, Concepts, Theories and Principles of Environmental Planning. The last hours of the exam day will cover Environmental Plan Implementation, Legal Aspects and Administration.

Recently, The PRC announced that there are 178 passers in the Environmental Planner Licensure Examination out of 357 taker who took the exam in cities of Manila, Cebu, Davao and Legazpi. The results were released after a short three-working days.

The Board admits that the number of Environment Planners were not as much takers compared to other professions. The Board of Environmental Planning members, Josefina M. Ramos, Chairman; Lirio T. Abuyuan and Dolores A. Endriga, gave the licensure examination to aspirants.

Previously, the Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners has approved the formation a new chapter. On May of this year, the Board of Directors has approved the making of PIEP Northern Mindanao Chapter as they had their monthly meeting on the said month in Quezon City.

The current PIEP National President, Togonon-De Castro has break the news in Mindanao at the end of the National Urban Development and Housing Framework Regional Consultations.

Also, the PRC announced that there is a New Environmental Planning Law that upgrades qualification of standards for planners in government service.

Korean Gov’t Grant Philippines With USD6.6 Million- Equipment

Korean Government willing to give “full” support to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Korean Government will grant USD6.6 million-worth of equipment and experts to Philippines as announced by the Korean ambassador Kim Jae-Shin on Thursday, June 2. Kim said that the Korean government is willing to ‘fully’ support and cooperate with the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte with his … Read more