Gretchen Barretto Gives A Peek Of Her Huge House

Here’s a sneak peek at the house of Gretchen Barretto. Check out below!

GRETCHEN BARRETTO – In a new video, beauty doctor Aivee Teo shares the moment when the former actress gave a brief house tour.

Couple Gretchen Barretto and business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco have beautiful homes which are all situated in exclusive villages. Knowing the former actress love for elegance, each surely possesses a certain type of lavishness.

In the new video from the Youtube channel of beauty doctor Aivee Teo, Barretto gave a brief tour of her house. Based on the video, every corner speaks of La Greta’s personality – extravagant and elegant.

From the area where they got together, she took Dra. Aivee and her husband with their other friends in the other areas of her home based on the video. She showed them her collection of expensive crockery. She bought them from famous brands and all of them have special cabinets to maintain their cleanliness and quality.

Gretchen Barretto

The former actress has been out of the limelight and away from the social media for many years now. Ever since she lost her Instagram account, she stepped away and lived quietly.

In a previous article, it was alleged that Gretchen is joining politics for the 2025 midterm elections. However, there’s no confirmation to this yet.

In Gretchen’s life without social media, she revealed that her life became more real and that there’s no need to feel pressure to overspend just for the sake of showing them off on social media.

“Now, I know it. So, I save more money now,” she said. She also added that her life now is more peaceful and has time to be more productive.

The latest in Greta’s life is that she is now officially a grandmother. Her daughter Domonique Cojuangco has already given birth to a healthy baby girl named Penelope Eloise.

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