Gretchen Barretto Shares How’s Her Life Without Social Media

Gretchen Barretto talked about her life now

Former actress Gretchen Barretto shared how is her life now after choosing to stay away from social media.

Gretchen was one of the biggest actresses of her generation. She started so young in showbiz. From doing teen roles, she became one of the most in-demand leading ladies during the height of her career.

Just like many celebrities, Gretchen also became loud on social media at a certain point. When she was active on Instagram, she would flex her everyday routine, the luxury items she owned, and the exclusive events she attended.

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However, all of a sudden, Gretchen Barretto became inactive on social media, and in a recent video that Dr. Aivee Teo shared on her YouTube channel, the former actress talked about this.

The beauty doctor asked Gretchen if life is better without social media and the latter answered, “I think so.” She added that she has the freedom to do whatever she wants to do with all sincerity.

Gretchen further explained that she does not need to do things out of wanting to show people. “I feel people more because I also feel their sincerity,” she said.

The former actress also shared that even when she dresses now, she is doing this for herself and not to impress people who will see her social media feed showcasing her outfit.

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Gretchen said that there is no pressure now to overspend because of the feeling of showing off. She stressed that it is more real. The celebrity added that she did not realize this before.

“Now, I know it. So, I save more money now,” she said. Gretchen Barretto shared that she now has more peace because she does not need to check online what a certain person is doing. With this, she also has more time to be productive.

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