Dani Barretto Announces Second Pregnancy

People online congratulate Dani Barretto on her second pregnancy.

Famous personality Dani Barretto announced that she and her husban Xavi Panlilio are expecting their second child.

Nothing is more rewarding in a marriage than seeing the love you share with each other grow into a family you just once dreamed of together. Social media influencer Dani Barretto is expecting her second child with her husband Xavi Panlilio.

Dani and Xavi’s wedding happened in 2019 and five months after this, they welcomed their firstborn Millie.

And now, roughly five years after that blissful period, they are now on their second pregnancy which makes Millie officially an “Ate” now. In an Instagram post, Dani happily shared, “Growing a love too beautiful for words. 🙏🏻 Hello Baby #2! We can’t wait to meet you. ❤️”

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People online congratulated her in this milestone and here are some of their elated comments:

Omggggg so happy for you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! Im so happy for all of you, most especially Millie!!!!!!!!

Glowy mama!!!! 😍😍

YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations!!!

YEYYYYY!! Congrats gwapa! So so happy for you both 🤍🤍🤍

Meanwhile, Dani previously shared a post at daughter’s moving-up ceremony and she was a proud mama! Previously, she revealed that Millie has a speech problem. It was not autism as what some people online have speculated.

But with therapy, her daughter’s speech is getting better. She can utter more words now and they were working on more sentence. There’s an improvement day by day. She recalled how bad she felt when she snapped at her daughter because she could not communicate.

At the time, nothing was working on Millie, hence, her reaction that made her feel guilty afterwards.

Dani is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Kier Legaspi. Her sisters are Julia Barretto, Claudia, and Erich. They have one boy in their family, Leon.

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