Dani Barretto Breaks Silence on Being the Uploader of Alex Gonzaga’s Controversial Cake Video

Dani Barretto, Alex Gonzaga

Dani Barretto Regrets Posting Video of Alex Gonzaga w/ Went Viral DANI BARRETTO – The celebrity vlogger who was an uploader of the controversial video of Alex Gonzaga broke her silence. A few days ago, Alex Gonzaga went viral on social media after a video clip taken during her birthday salubong sparked reactions from netizens. … Read more

Dani Barretto “Nag-iiyak” After Uploading Video Of Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga and Dani Barretto

Alex Gonzaga became controversial after the video uploaded by Dani Barretto went viral. DANI BARRETTO – Ogie Diaz said that Dani Barretto was deeply affected when the cake-smearing video went highly controversial. The original uploader of the video of Alex Gonzaga smearing icing on a waiter’s face in front of her celebrity friends is Dani … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Spotted Being Served Cake By A Bunch Of Waiters

Alex Gonzaga, Mikee Morada, Waiters 3

Alex Gonzaga Has New Video W/ Waiters ALEX GONZAGA – Youtube star Alex Gonzaga was spotted being served cake by a bunch of waiters. Alex Gonzaga was once again the target of criticism from online users after a now-deleted video of her smearing icing on a waiter’s forehead at her birthday celebration. The video went … Read more

Dennis Padilla Greets Children on New Year, Gets No Response

Dennis Padilla Ignored by Children Again After Greeting Them This New Year Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla greeted his children this New Year but got ignored again and gets no response from them. Dennis Barretto recently turned to Instagram to wish his children Dani, Julia, Claui, and Leon Barretto a Happy New Year. Despite the fact that … Read more

Dani Barretto Shares Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Dani Barretto

Here’s the journey of Dani Barretto to losing weight. DANI BARRETTO – Social media influencer shares a summary of her weight loss journey and many people are inspired by it. Weight loss is easier said than done. And with the new year that has just started, it seems like this is the perfect time to … Read more

Claudia Barretto’s Cute Video W/ Siblings Julia, Dani, Erich Goes Viral

Claudia Barretto, Julia, Dani, Erich 1

Watch Claudia Barretto’s Cute Video W/ Siblings Julia, Dani, Erich Here CLAUDIA BARRETTO – The cute video of Claudia Barretto, Julia Barretto, Dani Barretto, and Erich Barretto went viral. Claudia Barretto is a social media star and musician. She is the daughter of former couple Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. Her siblings Dani Barretto, Julia … Read more

Dennis Padilla’s Message For Dani Barretto Elicits Reactions From Netizens

Dennis Padilla, Dani Barretto

Netizens React on Dennis Padilla’s Message For Dani Barretto DENNIS PADILLA – The IG post of Dennis Padilla has gone viral and also elicited mixed reactions from the netizens. Former politician and actress Marjorie Barretto was once married to veteran actor-comedian Dennis Padilla, however, their marriage did not work out. They have three children – … Read more

Dennis Padilla Pens Messages For Julia, Leon, Dani, and Claudia

Dennis Padilla

These are the messages of Dennis Padilla to his children with Marjorie Barretto. DENNIS PADILLA – Comedian Dennis Padilla shares to social media his messages for his estranged children. In the past months, actor Dennis Padilla faced some issues with his children with Marjorie Barretto. His children with the female TV personality are Julia Barretto, Leon … Read more

Dennis Padilla Leaves Message For Ex-Wife Marjorie Barretto

Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto

This is what Dennis Padilla said to Marjorie Barretto, his ex-wife. DENNIS PADILLA – Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla expresses a message for Marjorie Barretto regarding his relationship with the children. In a previous article, Dennis Padilla shares one wish he wants to come true this Christmas and this is reconciliation with his estranged children. He and Marjorie … Read more