Vice Ganda – Is Nico Locco Taking A Swipe At The Comedian?

Is Nico Locco referring to Vice Ganda in his rant post?

Who is Nico Locco talking about in his post? Is it Vice Ganda? The model’s post creates a loud buzz online amid the issues.

Hate train versus Vice Ganda?

Similar posts have been spotted versus the It’s Showtime host after the issued public statement on live television on Tuesday regarding Axel and Christine. Showtime Searchee Axel Cruz clarified in a statement that his action that shocked some people was actually clean and did not mean any harm.

During that time, Vice and the other hosts quickly reacted with the comedian saying that he could get a filed case against him for his advances. But Axel already clarified this.

Vice apologized but in the statement, Vice retracted his apology after hearing the side of the girl. Christine denied feeling the discomfort but after talking to the staff, she admitted that she indeed felt uneasy at that moment.

Nikko Natividad’s posts amid the issue which were now deleted caught attention online. According to him, he could relate to the trauma and humiliation the two felt because he himself has experienced power tripping and being humiliated on TV.

Nikko Natividad
Photo grabbed from FB

Recently, another “Nico” spoke. This time, it is Nico Locco, a model and actor who previously appeared in the same segment with his ex-girlfriend Christine Bermas. In his post, he shared a rant. He was confident that people online can easily decode what he has written.

It was about this personality who makes comedy at the expense of other people by making fun of them and taking personal shots at them. This is not funny but rather a lack of intelligence and creativity.

“I won’t mention the show or network that repeatedly does it pero yeah, you know what I mean. Belittling someone to make people laugh doesn’t make you a comedian. It makes you a bully,” he said.

Locco then added, “I would love to see that specific person jump into their shoes for once para maramdaman niya what it feels like. Siguro he or she wouldn’t be laughing anymore.”

See below:

Nico Locco
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