Baby Burned After Playing w/ Fallen Extension Cord Fallen Into Crib

Baby Suffered Burn After Playing w/ Fallen Extension Cord

A baby in Chonburi, Thailand suffered a burn on the finger and possibly got grounded after playing with an extension cord that fell into the crib.

Electrocution is a term used to describe injury or death caused by electric shock. It happens when a person comes into contact with an electrical source, and the electric current passes through the body.

The severity of the injury depends on various factors including the voltage, current, duration of exposure, and the path the electricity takes through the body.


Recently, an infant suffered a burn on the finger after playing with a fallen extension cord inside the crib. The incident happened when the mother left her baby in the crib to cook their meal.

The woman felt confident that the baby was safe and did not expect the extension cord to fall. CCTV footage showed the extension cord dropping into the crib where the nine-month-old baby was.

Afterward, the baby grabbed the plug and started playing with the wires. The mother, who was in the kitchen, rushed to the crib when she saw what happened. She also got grounded by the plug.


In fear of the baby getting electrocuted, she quickly pulled the baby away and lifted him out of the crib.

The mother explained that the baby had pulled on one of the plugged-in cables, causing the extension cord to fall into the crib. She noticed that the baby’s finger was burned and that the baby might have been grounded by the plug.

Luckily, the baby was not seriously harmed and is now in good condition.

“I almost lost a child. Let this be a warning to other parents. Don’t let your child play alone,” the mother said.

The incident reminds all parents to ensure their children are safe from potential hazards at home.

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