Young Boy Escapes Electrocution While Retrieving Kite

Lucky Escape for Boy Electrocuted While Retrieving Kite

A young boy from Cebu luckily escaped tragedy when he was electrocuted while trying to retrieve his kite tangled in electrical wires.

Electrocution is a serious danger that happens when someone gets a strong electric shock, and it can be very harmful or even deadly. This happens when a person’s body becomes part of an electric circuit, which means electricity flows through them instead of the wires where it’s supposed to go.

When someone is electrocuted, the electricity can cause severe burns, damage to internal organs, and even stop their heart. It’s crucial to understand that even small amounts of electricity can be dangerous, and it doesn’t take much to cause serious harm.

Young Boy

Recently, an 11-year-old boy in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu was able to escape death when he was electrocuted while retrieving his kite. The victim was found lying on the roof of a daycare center in Sitio Matumbo, Barangay Pusok.

According to the mother of the victim’s playmate, she had repeatedly warned the two boys not to fly kites near the electrical wires. A resident also reportedly warned the victim before he climbed onto the roof.

Due to the incident, there was a short power outage in the neighboring barangay of Matumbo. Responding to the situation, personnel from the Lapu-Lapu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office rescued the victim from the rooftop and rushed him to Lapu-Lapu City Hospital.

According to Dr. Debrah Custodio, the child suffered second-degree burns and was unconscious upon arrival but responsive. After receiving initial treatment, the parents transferred the child to a private hospital for further care.

It was later discovered that there is a City Ordinance No.16-033-A-2022 prohibiting kite flying in Lapu-Lapu City due to the proximity to Mactan Cebu International Airport.

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The ordinance points out the responsibility of parents to guide their children against kite-flying activities.

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