Danica Sotto Reacts To Cheating Rumors against Husband Marc Pingris

Danica Sotto Admits Losing Cool on Rumors Against Marc Pingris

Danica Sotto reacted to the cheating rumors against her husband, retired professional basketball player Marc Pingris.

Rumors and speculations are among the usual things that surround the lives of people living a celebrity life. In some cases, there are celebrities who react to issues. There are also those who remain mum until they die down. However, in the case of parents like Marc and Danica Pingris, when the children will be affected, they could no longer remain mum.

Marc Pingris, Danica Sotto Family
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Recently, there are cheating allegations against Marc Pingris. The retired professional basketball player was linked to actress Kim Rodriguez and it earned him negative criticisms from countless people.

Throughout his entire basketball career and living a celebrity life as husband of Danica Sotto, the eldest daughter of Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie, Marc rarely reacts to allegations. But, he made an exemption on the recent cheating allegations.

Marc Pingris, Danica Sotto Pingris
Photo lifted from Instagram/@danicaspingris

Marc Pingris issued a statement debunking his rumored affair with Kim Rodriguez. Even Dina Bonnevie admitted that she was surprised that he had to release a statement.

Recently, Danica Sotto reacted to the cheating rumors against her husband, Marc Pingris. In an interview with Nelson Canlas, the former actress admitted that she lost her cool on the issue as to how the people tie up the stories.

“Napikon lang naman ako kasi nakakatawa ang galing magtahi-tahi ng kwento,” she said.

Danica Sotto, Marc Pingris
Photo lifted from Instagram/@danicaspingris

During the interview, Danica expressed that she and Marc really wanted to move on from it but she just wants clarity for it. According to the former actress, her Instagram Stories about betrayal and loyalty were taken as confirmation of the rumors and a strike against her husband.

Danica Sotto clarified that her posts were entirely different from how they were picked up. During the interview, she shared that she just warned Marc to be careful on who he deals with and the places he go to.

“Minsan kasi, sa’yo wala lang ‘yun, you’re too friendly or — hindi friendly, accommodating. Diba? ‘Yung parang, oh, ito chika-chika. Ganoon naman mga basketball player,” the former actress said.

Danica also explained how she does not want her children to be involved in the issue. She has three (3) kids with Marc — Mic, Caela, and baby Luc. Danica Sotto recently went through a surgery.

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