Snow Wedding — Couple Holds Unique Celebration, Bride Emerged from Huge Ice Cube

Couple Holds Snow Wedding in Zermatt, Switzerland

Snow wedding might be unrealistic to hear but a couple held this unique celebration in Switzerland with the bride emerging from ice cube.

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person most especially to most women. It is an entry to another chapter or phase in life. People have different perspectives on the kind of wedding they want.

Snow Wedding in Switzerland

Undeniably, the most common kinds of wedding are the Church wedding, beach wedding, and a wedding ceremony in an indoor or outdoor event’s place. Most wedding features a uniform program, flowers as decorations most especially along the aisle and at the reception, and bride being the last to enter the venue and be seen by the groom and everyone at the event for the first time.

However, the common weddings aren’t the only wedding events that have ever happened. Recently, a snow wedding was held in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Lebanese Weddings took on social media photos and videos of a unique snow wedding that was held in Switzerland. Instead of entering the door and being seen by everyone for the first time at the event, the bride emerged from a huge ice cube.

There was even an instance when the groom joined the bride inside the giant ice cube. There were several guests at the event wherein the Matterhorn was the backdrop making it look like a fairytale wedding happening.

Snow Wedding

There is also breathtaking entertainment at the wedding event in a winter wonderland in Switzerland. The frosty setting is made even more beautiful by the musical set and the entertainment performances at the event. The violinists wore snow angels constumes at the wedding.

Like in usual weddings, the bride also walked down the aisle at the snow wedding. The aisle is a snow pathway decorated with white flowers. Based on an article on Pep, the magical snow wedding was a four-day event.

The groom is financier and British champion race car driver Darren Leung and his bride is Lucy Clayton. Based on the article, prior to the snow wedding, the couple had other unique wedding events held at the Iglu-Dorf and Grand Hotel Zermatterhof.

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