Lovi Poe Baby – Actress Speaks About Being A Mother

LOVI POE BABY – The ABS-CBN actress has this to say when asked about having a baby and what she would like to be if she becomes a mother. She got married last year with Monty Blencowe and she has found an understanding and supportive partner in him who lets her do what she wants. About their baby plans, this is what she shared.

Lovi Poe On How She Wants To Be When It Comes To Motherhood

As an actress Lovi Poe shares that motherhood is one role she would want to do perfectly.

ABS-CBN artist Lovi Poe opens up about motherhood, current status of her married life, and plans of having a baby.

One of the best actresses the industry has is Kapamilya star Lovi Poe. When it comes to the roles entrusted to her, she makes sure to take them seriously and speaking about motherhood role, the one in real life, she wants to do perfectly for this role.

In 2023, she tied the knot with Monty Blencowe in the United Kingdom. The Lovi and Monty’s wedding was held at the Cliveden House in England, a dignified landmark built in 1666 by the second Duke of Buckingham.

During her latest interview, she thanked her husband for so understanding of her work and for giving her the freedom to do what she wants. He knows that she’s been working since she was young and she’s grateful to have a husband who has no intention of changing this in her.

About motherhood, she believes that when this time comes, she could be a great one and she actually wants to become a great one. She is with a lot of mothers who are great and she can just call them. She also has a great mom who set a good example in terms of motherhood.

“So ‘yun ang iniisip ko, I look up to these people and they are good examples kasi nga the fact they can go to work at the same time and take care of me na salimpusa lang naman ako tapos may mga kids sila. So it’s nice to see that na okay ibig sabihin in the future kaya ko rin yan,” she said.

Currently, she and her husband are in a long-distance relationship. This is not an ideal setup for married couples like them. They are making it work and it works because her husband is understanding and supportive of what she wants to do.

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