Toni Gonzaga Family – Resorts Closes Down For Their Bonding

TONI GONZAGA BONDING – In a new vlog, the actress-host shared their fun family bonding in a famous resort in Pampanga. She was with her husband Paul Soriano and two children. It was her husband and her eldest who enjoyed the most and her sister Alex Gonzaga was also there.

Toni Gonzaga and Family Close Down Whole Resort For Their Family Excursion

Here’s the fun bonding of Toni Gonzaga and her whole family.

In a new vlog, Toni Gonzaga shares the fun times with her family as they spent their whole day in a resort all for themselves.

Family bonding is more important now than ever before. With family, you get comfort, support, love, and care like no other. No family is perfect but these are the people who we need most in our lives.

There are many ways to do and to enjoy in a family bonding and for the Gonzagas and the Sorianos, it is renting a whole resort all for themselves to enjoy. They had Aqua Planet closed down for a day so they can enjoy all the rides and have the privacy they want.

In the new vlog of Toni Gonzaga, she and her husband Paul Soriano along with their relatives have the time of their lives. They grabbed this chance to cool down and spend time with family this summer before the rainy season starts.

Toni Gonzaga
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Her sister Alex Gonzaga was there as well and they tried different attractions together.

Aqua Planet is in Pampanga and their attractions are Aqua Loop, Boogie Bay, Sky Shuttle, Flow Rider, Hurricane, Octopus Racers, Tornado, Spiral Rides, Superbowl, Wave River, and Wave Pool.

They also did the famous Superbowl where the guests are given the treat of their lifetime swirling and spiraling in a raft around a giant bowl. The best one for her husband, on the other hand, is the Tornado.

Toni Gonzaga
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Toni and Alex tried the Octopus Ride which they enjoyed with Seve, Toni’s eldest child. To complete the whole fun excursion experience, they were also allowed to have catering for their food and they delicious ones from a famous food establishment.

Here are some comments from the vlog:

Super nakakatuwa sila. Super enjoy watching them. I love Paul and Tony enjoying the water. Super sweet nila

Wow Pinasara tlaga nila ang aqua planet para sa knilang bonding Family..

Ang quality nung vlog

Ganda naman jan, mapuntahan nga yan hehehe enjoy na enjoy sila

Very relaxing! More of this contents plsss

I love this format of vlogs!

Woow!!! Saya nman.

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