Aiai delas Alas No Longer Sure To Do “Tanging Ina” Reunion after Issue w/ Star Cinema

Comedy Queen Aiai delas Alas Speaks on Issue about Tanging Ina Reunion

AIAI DELAS ALAS – The Comedy Queen expressed uncertainty to doing “Tanging Ina” reunion in case following the issue with Star Cinema.

In the Philippine movie industry, one of the most popular movies is Ang Tanging Ina which was starred by Aiai along several actors and actresses including Marvin Agustin, Nikki Valdez, Jiro Manio, Shaina Magdayao, Carlo Aquino, and Eugene Domingo.

Ang Tanging Ina

In the said hit movie, Eugene plays the character of the bestfriend of the role of Aiai. The other actors and actresses mentioned played the characters of Aiai role’s children. Despite the storm then in 2003, the movie gathered the crowd in cinemas.

After five (5) years, in 2008, a sequel of Ang Tanging Ina entitled Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat was released. Recently, Aiai delas Alas expressed her excitement if it is possible to have a Tanging Ina reunion. However, things did not turn out well as it led to an issue with Star Cinema.

Aiai delas Alas
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Aiai delas Alas claimed that the report about her statement when she said that she talked to a Star Cinema official about the possibility of a Tanging Ina reunion was requested to be taken down. Star Cinema allegedly denied having communication with the actress-comedienne.

Aiai released a strong remark against the Star Cinema raising that the film arm of the ABS-CBN network also earned from her. It earned the Comedy Queen a lot of bashing online.

Aiai delas Alas Tanging Ina Reunion
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The Tanging Ina star explained her side. According to her, she was really able to talk to Roxy Liquigan, a former official of Star Cinema, about the possibility of a reunion movie with her co-stars in the hit film.

Aiai delas Alas admitted that her strong remark against the ABS-CBN and its film arm is a product of the hurt that she feels. According to her, the move of the Star Cinema for a takedown request made it appear like she was lying in the media conference with the press. She also stressed that she and the Star Cinema have worked together for years and it was a small thing that they unfortunately did not let to pass.

In a recent vlog interview with Julius Babao, Aiai delas Alas was asked by Julius if she is still willing to do the Tanging Ina reunion in case. According to the comedienne, it already started with something negative so it is not anymore sure if she will do it in case.

“Scorpio ako eh… Pag ano kami eh, 1, 2, 3, 4, pag pumutok na booom ganun ‘yun. Hindo mo na kami mapipigilan kahit gusto mo kaming pigilan… Okay na lang, iba na lang siguro [referring to project],” the actress said.

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