Angelica Panganiban Shares Peek Of Latest Home Renovation

Here’s the newest renovation in the Subic home of Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan.

Kapamilya actress Angelica Panganiban shares their newly-renovated master bedroom, Bean’s room, and shower room.

After actress Angelica Panganiban and businessman Gregg Homan decided to finally have a family, the actress stayed in Subic. This is her decision to stay in Subic and build their family there. Moreover, her husband’s business is situated there.

Angelica ang Gregg’s wedding was held in Siargao. This is their second wedding. The first one was in California which was very intimate.

All of these milestones were shared in their YouTube channel. The latest content uploaded was about the renovation of their home. Three areas met major changes – the master’s bedroom, Bean’s room, and their shower room.

Based on her latest video, one of the areas that underwent a renovation was the master’s bedroom. It used to be plain and simple but after the renovation, it turned out to something that indicates there’s a woman is staying there.

An additional space for Angelica’s things were made with tinted glass panels around it that serves a division – chic but straightforward. The insides are seen from the outside and she even described it as their own “department store”.

The other that had some major changes is Bean’s room which is just parallel to their walk-in closet. Bean’s area wasn’t supposed to be changed but they had to due to the molds that appeared when their room was renovated. From the underwater-themed room, Bean’s room is now mainly in white with figures on the wall which is better as she is now able to identify objects.

She also showed their shower room which has a he and she sink, bathtub, and among other features for their comfort and convenience. Just the other areas, the shower room also has a minimalist design.

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