Mom Reacts to Toddler Mimicking Spider-Man: “pagod nako magsaway”

Toddler Mimicking Spider-Man Brings Good Vibes Online

A mom goes viral and elicits comments online for reacting to her toddler mimicking Spider-Man by climbing up a wall “pagod nako magsaway”.

Children are amazing beings, brimming with inventiveness, curiosity, and limitless vitality. They have a new perspective on the world and are amazed by even the most basic things. Children have a unique ability to make the ordinary extraordinary, whether they’re pretending to be superheroes, playing with toys, or exploring nature.

Their innocence and purity of heart often lead them to express themselves in ways that adults might find surprising or amusing. From dressing up in costumes to inventing fantastical games, children are constantly pushing the boundaries of their imagination.


Sometimes, their mischievous behavior can be frustrating or challenging for adults to handle, but it’s important to remember that it’s usually not malicious. Children may engage in naughty behavior because they’re seeking attention, testing limits, or simply because they find it fun.

For example, a child might draw on the walls with crayons, sneak cookies from the cookie jar, or refuse to listen to instructions. While these actions can be annoying, they’re often just expressions of curiosity, creativity, or a desire for autonomy.

Recently, Alexene Reyes, a Facebook user, shared photos and video of a child mimicking Spider-Man by climbing up a wall. The post immediate circulated online and garnered reactions from the social media users.


In the video, the child can be seen skillfully reaching his position on the wall. The children are seen happily playing while performing the breath-taking stunt. The video also shows the child imitating his fearless older sibling who climbs the wall without hesitation.

“Pagod nako magsaway, palakasan nalang talaga nang guardian angel,” Reyes wrote in the caption.

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The online community expressed their reactions to the post, finding the child’s antics both amusing:

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