Jayda Avanzado and Francine Diaz: What Went Wrong?

JAYDA AVANZADO AND FRANCINE DIAZ – These two used to be the closest, however, a lot of things changed including their closeness. They are currently making a loud buzz online following Jayda’s claims in a couple of interviews. According to her, a misunderstanding happened which ended their close friendship.

Jayda Avanzado Hopes To Renew Friendship With Francine Diaz?

In an interview, Jayda Avanzado opened up about their misunderstanding.

Singer Jayda Avanzado reveals something about past issues and her friendship with former best friend actress Francine Diaz.

Two actresses who used to be really close and even considering each other as their soul sister are Francine Diaz and Jayda Avanzado. However, just like all the good things in life, this great friendship did not last.

In a previous article, Jayda revealed why their friendship met an unfortunate end.

According to her, the last time they’ve had an interaction was when she greeted Diaz on her birthday. She has this interview with Cristy Fermin where she made intriguing claims creating a loud buzz online.

After that interview, people online assumed that Jayda and Francine’s friendship ended because of Andrea Brillantes. Amid the speculations and the loud buzz, Jayda granted another interview with Boy Abunda in his Kapuso talk show and in this interview, she spoke about renewing friendship with Diaz.

She shared that after the disagreement between her and her former best friend, they were able to talk it out but the closeness did not continue. However, they remained civil.

“Without elaborating so much on all the details, we were able to talk about it and naging maayos naman ‘yung usapan,” the singer said.

Is she hoping to renew their closeness?

She did not give a definite answer to this but she expressed that she is leaving it all to fate. She said, “I think I am at a point as a young adult that wherever life takes us, if life’s destiny is for us to come back together as friends, I willingly welcome that for myself.”

In the same interview, Jayda also confirmed that she and Darren Espanto have a mutual understanding before. At one point, they were special to each other but considering how young they were at that moment, they just enjoyed it and did not elevate.

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