Elderly Woman Condemns Tattooed Passenger “You cannot enter the Kingdom of God”

Elderly Woman Elicits Comments Online After Discriminating Female Passenger for Having Tattoo

An elderly woman condemned a female passenger for having a tattoo, asserting, “You cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”

Aljhon Alcid, a Facebook user, shared a video of a female passenger being condemned by an elderly commuter inside of a public utility vehicle for having a tattoo. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, the female passenger can be seen recording herself when suddenly she is questioned by a senior citizen about her religion.

Elderly Woman

The woman responds that she doesn’t have one, but she is taken aback when the fellow commuter asserts, “You cannot enter the Kingdom of God upon the embroidering your body.”

Attempting to explain herself, the passenger states, “I don’t believe in God either.” However, the condemnation from the fellow commuter persists, “you are beautiful but you make your body dirty.”

Eventually, the passenger decides to respond, questioning the elderly woman’s certainty about entering heaven and reminding her that those who meddle in the lives of others may themselves be excluded from heaven.

She challenges the elderly woman, asking if she is sure of her own entry into heaven based on her current judgmental attitude.

“Alam nyo yung hindi din pumapasok sa langit ay yung nangingialam sa buhay ng iba. Kayo po ba sure kayong makakapasok kayo sa langit? Sa sinasabi niyo ngayon?” she added.

The video shows the importance of respecting individual faiths without imposing religious rules on others. It emphasizes the notion that personal beliefs should not harm others or dictate their behavior.

Elderly Woman

In another post, a proudly tattooed college instructor elicits comments online “tattooed and teaching”

The video has a caption:

I respect your faith as long as it doesn’t harm others or require me to believe in it. Don’t impose your religious rules on others. Just because you’re restricted doesn’t mean you can restrict me too.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Elderly Woman

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