Dogs that Look Like Bears? Here are these Breeds & their Features…

List of Dogs that Look Like Bears & their Characteristics

DOGS THAT LOOK LIKE BEARS – Here are these beautiful dog breeds that look like bears and their unique features.

There are countless breeds of dogs across the nation. There are dogs with long ears, dogs that stay small all their lives, as well as dogs that look like other animals such as bear. In fact, here are some dog breeds that look like teddy bears:

In this list of dogs that look like bears, the Chow Chow will surely not lag behind. It is a Northern Chinese dog breed that is native in Songshi Quan, China. Its name means “puffy lion dog”. They look like lions and teddy bears that are irresistible and they never fail to catch attention.

Dogs that Look Like Bears
Photo Credit: warsaw dog

Have you seen the Tibetan Mastiff? It is like a double XL version of the Chow Chow. They were mainly bred to protect the sheep from wolves and bears. They are a loving breed but they are high maintenance considering their thick fur.

Dogs that Look Like Bears
Photo Credit: Sidewalk Dog

You might have yet to hear this breed of dog before as their breed only rose to a bit of prominence when three (3) puppies were found in a hotel in Italy. They are adorable fluff balls that have captured the hearts of people and they are active, alert, independent thinking, and responsive.

Maremma Sheepdog
Photo Credit: Eden Green Farm

Among the large breed of dogs that look like bears in this list, the little one is the Pomeranian or also popularly called “Pom-Pom”. It is characterized by its small size that makes it look like they are tiny bears. It has a loving nature and is best for families with small kids.

Dogs that Look Like Bears
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The Newfoundland Dog has big brown eyes and that bear-like facade. This breed of dog is used to cold temperatures and they are working dogs that help fishermen pull their nets. Despite their huge size, Newfoundland Dogs are sweet.

Newfoundland Dog
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