2 Students Honored After Returning Wallet Containing P50,000

2 Students Honored After Returning Wallet Containing P50,000

Two young students were honored for returning a lost wallet containing P50,000 while on their way home from a mountain excursion.

Christopher, a Grade 9 student, and Troy, a Grade 8 student at Mountain Province General Comprehensive High School (MPGCHS), discovered the wallet during their trek near Bontoc, Mountain Province.

The wallet belonged to Mrs. Shirlene Mang-usan and contained important cards along with a huge sum of money.


Christopher and Troy were shocked upon finding the huge amount of cash. Despite being tempted, they have decided to return the wallet, recognizing its importance to the owner.

The best friend’s journey to return the wallet to its rightful owner was not without its challenges. Hindered by poor signal reception in the mountainous region, they faced difficulties contacting Mrs. Mang-usan.

The two students persevered, seeking assistance from locals and using social media platforms to reach her. Their efforts paid off when they finally met Mrs. Mang-usan.


The owner thanked the boys and shared that she would use the money to purchase materials for house construction.

She also said that she has just withdrawn the money which is to be used to buy house construction supplies,” Chris said.

Despite Mrs. Mang-usan’s invitation for lunch, Christopher and Troy declined, prioritizing their friends’ curiosity about the incident. They received tokens of appreciation from Mrs. Mang-usan, expressing her gratitude for their honesty.


The boys emphasized the importance of returning lost items, regardless of their value. They credited their families and upbringing for instilling such values of honesty and integrity.

Christopher, the son of Maybel Madchalang Sigua and Antony Jose Sigua, and Troy, the son of Marie Kidpo Chumapoy and Henry T. Chumapoy Jr., have been lifelong friends and neighbors in Pokisan, Bontoc IIl.

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