Julia Barretto Grateful For Leon After He Did This

Here’s what Julia Barretto felt after Leon stood up for them.

In an interview in Magandang Buhay, Julia Barretto shares what she felt when Leon Barretto did this one time in the past.

It is not a secret that actor-comedian Dennis Padilla doesn’t have quite a smooth and good relationship with Julia, Claudia, and Leon. They are his children with former actress Marjorie Barretto.

Last June 2022, with the issue escalating following the Father’s Day post of Padilla, Leon Barretto decided to stood up for their family and expressed everything in an open letter.

In the open letter of Leon for Dennis, he expressed this about the post, “It’s always been an awkward day for us cause we never seem to know where we stand with you every year. I’ve always envied people who never even have to think twice about greeting their dads a ‘Happy father’s Day’.’”

He also furthered into saying that he and his siblings were actually trying for years to build a relationship with him but he would just always burn it. He would cut off what supposed to be is a good restart between them by talking and sharing private matter in press cons, social media, and interviews.

He pointed out that what he would often do is paint them bad in the eyes and perception of the public. He said, “Do you think it does not pain all of us not to feel protected by their own father?” 

Recalling this time, Julia expressed what she felt when her younger brother stood up for them and defended them. She is grateful for them and she never expected that it would come out from her younger brother.

However, she is also aware of his stand. Being the only boy in their family, she knows that he mustered up the courage for them as he has become protective of them.

She said based on the interview, “Grateful of course. Because I feel like, all throughout wala namang naging protector for me. So technically that was the first time that somebody stood up for me. And it was Leon pa like I didn’t expect ever in my life that it would be my younger brother. So, e malaki na kasi siya so nagiging protective na siya sa mga girls and he’s the only boy.”

As for Leon, he knows her sisters, hence, the open letter to address the buzz. He knows that they did not want the issues and would always want peace. For this to happen, he did it for them.

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