Dennis Padilla and Partner Separate, Financial Support Is “Madugo Ang Labanan”

In an interview, Dennis Padilla has this revelations about his family.

Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla and his non-showbiz Filipino-Australian partner have separated and here’s their situation now.

In a recent interview, VIVA star Dennis Padilla admitted that he and his live in partner Linda Gorton have separated a long time ago already. They have been together for over a decade but despite this length of time, their relationship still ended.

On the other hand, the best thing about it is that they were able to have Gavin and Maddie.

He and Linda has a 22-year age gap but this did not seemingly bother them at all, however, it just did not work. They separated in 2020 and his ex-wife accordingly took the children with her to Australia.

Despite their separation, one this is for sure, they have a good co-parenting setup. They have a good co-parenting arrangement and he has a consistent and constant communication with the kids.

As for the child support, he makes sure that he provides enough for the children although it’s a “madugong labanan” for him because he is talking about Australian dollar.

“Child support tayo, Australian dollars din. Awa ng Diyos, I am able to support and I am able to send their monthly child support,” he said. This is accordingly his commitment to them to be able to have a granted Australian Visa as he would want to visit them.

One thing he accordingly learned from the past is to provide. To recall, Padilla admitted that he was not a good provider to his children with Marjorie Barretto namely Julia Barretto, Claudia, and Leon.

His relationship with his children now is currently still not in good state but he is seeing some improvements when Julia greeted him on his birthday. Through a text message, she messaged him and he proudly shared it. He accordingly became emotional upon seeing it.

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