Mariel Padilla On IV Drip Issue: “Wala akong inapakang tao”

Here’s what Mariel Padilla said about the issue.

“Queen of Live Selling” Mariel Padilla finally speaks about the IV drip session she did inside the office of her husband in the senate.

Unethical? Inappropriate? Disrespectful?

Mariel Padilla

Many people found the photos of Mariel Padilla getting an IV drip inside the senate office of her husband Senator Robin Padilla outrageous. For one, a place as prestigious as the senate was seemingly reduced to a salon or derma because of the treatment.

She even took a photo of her while doing the session with the official seal of the office in the background. Mariel immediately took down the photos after they made rounds online.

Robin Padilla said in a statement about this issue of his wife, “Kung may nakita po silang masama sa larawan na ‘yan, paumanhin po.”

In an interview with Bandera, she finally spoke about the issue and echoed the context of her husband’s statement. She is aware of the bashing and in “honor of the bashing”, she did a live selling while on IV drip session.

However, she knows that in her heart, she did not aggrieved anyone. She expressed, “In my heart wala akong tinapakan na kahit sinong tao. Kung may na-offend sorry, pero walang intention na maka-offend. After the Eddie Garcia bill, hinintay ko si Robin. Mga 9 p.m. na ‘yun.”

Meanwhile, Senator Nancy Binay, chairperson of Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges, also reacted to this. Senator Binay on IV drip issue said that people should be mindful and careful.

Apart from the unethical IV drip issue inside a senate office which bothered her, promoting something that was declared unsafe already by the DOH and banned by DFA with the senate seal in the background made things just more complicated.

“Isipin din nating may kasamang kapanagutan ang pagiging artista, lalo na kung senador ang asawa mo,” she said.

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