Robin Padilla On Mariel’s Drip Session: “Natatawa talaga ako.”

Here’s the reaction of Robin Padilla to the critical comments thrown at them.

Netizens criticized this photo of Mariel Padilla and Senator Robin Padilla has this reaction to the critical comments online.

A lot of odd and unique things are shared online which include one which just recently happened. In a post immediately deleted after, Mariel Padilla shared her IV drip session photos done inside her husband’s office.

Mariel Padilla

She was all smiles in the photos as she was snapped inside the office with her drip and the senate symbol in the background.

In her post, Mariel shared that she was caught in an entangled situation which made her decide to just do it anyway so she can catch with her appointments. However, people online found her actions and gestures inappropriate.

For many people, it’s absurd to see doing this medical session inside a place as prestigious as the senate. Netizens expressed critical comments over the gesture. According to the people online, the attempt to advertise a product turned into a disaster, a lousy one, and done in poor taste.

This created a loud buzz online and her senator husband broke his silence about it and he found the whole situation he called as a “political issue” laughable.

“Nakakatawa naman po ang political isyu na ‘yan, my goodness,” he quipped then furthered in saying sorry to whatever is wrong people saw in those photos. He stressed that his wife has no intention to disrespect but just loves to promote good looks and good health.

The statement ended with this note: “Natatawa talaga ako.”

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Several people commented on this post and considered the point of the senator about promoting good health. However, the situation was different. One of the commenters argued that there’s nothing wrong on promoting good health but it should be done in the right way and as for this matter, in the right place as the Senate is a place where laws are made. It is not a place that can be reduce to a salon or clinic where one can do whatever he or she wants like the IV drip.

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