Robinsons Bank Motorsiklo Loan — Get that Dream Motorcycle Now!

ROBINSONS BANK MOTORSIKLO LOAN – The Robinsons Bank has a loan offer for clients who are looking for a motorcycle purchase financing.

Are you one of the individuals who wants to be driving his own motorcycle soon whether for passion or for economical reasons? You can let your purchase be financed by the Robinsons Bank.

Robinsons Bank Offers Motorcycle Loan with Excellent Features

Guide on Robinsons Bank Motorcycle Loan Offer

Robinsons Bank offers a “Motorsiklo Loan” that can fund the purchase of many different types of motorcycles.

Nowadays, more and more people are into motorcycles as they offer an affordable way of transporting to school, work, or anywhere an individual has to be. They are greatly beneficial in terms of the financial aspect most especially for those who travel daily.

In other cases, many people consider motorcycles as toys for the big boys. They are into motorcycle-riding and they even form groups and make new friends with other riders they share a common passion with.

A lot of motorcycle riders attest that having a motorcycle does not only save you money from the expensive fuel consumption of four-wheeled vehicles but as well as time. Due to the small size of motorcycles, many of them can move amid a long traffic. It is one way that many people considers in the pursuit not to be late at work or to their appointment.

Are you one of the people who are planning to buy your first motorcycle to start enjoying its benefits? You might be thinking that a one-time cash payment is heavy to the pocket or will take you months or years to save money which may be a long while.

Worry no more. There are entities that can help you just like the Robinsons Bank, one of the most popular commercial banks in the Philippines now. Also called as RBank, it has the “Motorsiklo Loan” offer.

The Motorcycle Loan offer of the Robinsons Bank is ready to finance the acquisition of a brand new motorcycle or a second-hand unit. The bank has set some qualifications in applying for the loan offer.

Robinsons Bank Motorsiklo Loan Qualifications

The Motorsiklo Loan is open for the acquisition of regular and solo bikes as well as big bikes. The loanable amount depends on the type of motorcycle you wish to purchase under the offer. The loan term can be extended for up to 36 months thus there is really an option for light monthly installments.

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