Vice Ganda Mocks “Very Creative” Headline Of Online Tabloid

Here’s the reaction of Vice Ganda to this headline.

Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda has this mocking comment to this clickbait-type of headline made by an online tabloid.

What is clickbait? Does it still work in today’s age? People who spent a lot of time in the internet surely know what a clickbait is. It is a sensationalized headline that encourages those who have seen it to click an article, image, or video. It is a strategy to catch the emotion and curiosity of people online.

Sometimes, the link would direct to content that is questionable and not accurate. Sometimes, clickbait is often associated with fake news. But most of the time, the subject of a clickbait content are famous celebrities.

Recently, in a post on X, Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda reshared a post from famous tabloid because of the headline they used in a report about the comedian. The headline says: “Vice Ganda, ‘nagalit’ sa staff ng fastfood!”

This report referred to the scene in his new vlog when he teased about paying for the food he got from the famous fastfood restaurant he is endorsing. Upon sharing this, Vice wrote this in the caption, “Grabe ung headline! Ang lakas mang click bait. “Very creative” makapang ulul! Bwak bwak bwak!”

He lambasted the sensationalized, misleading, withholding, and deceptive headline about him.

See the post below:

Here are some comments from his post:

Ginagawa kang negosyo sa paninira lang nila meme

Hahaha kalowka talaga ang mga fake news.

Meme, Grabe nuh? Ang lala lang. dapat sa mga to pinapakain ng isang bucket ng fried chicken eh ng mabulunan. Charot

Dyosmiyo huh ano yan ?? What kind of journalism is that?? Very ewan

Wala na daw kasi sila income meme

Meanwhile, this is not the first time for the comedian to get himself involved in reports like this. In 2022, Vice lambasted the “iringan” report with Marian Rivera. He also mocked this report and even quipped, “Pauso! Yuck! Super yuck! Mema!”

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