Fake News – Tips On How To Spot & Avoid Fake News

Important Tips To Spot Fake News

FAKE NEWS – Nowadays, people could consume content and information at an exponentially faster rate thanks to the development of technology.

Fake News - Tips On How To Spot Fake News
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Everyday, thousands of people post these fake stories. These are done due to a number of possible reasons.

It may just be a big joke to some, and for others they just want to make a quick profit. Some Fake News links even include malicious viruses.

That’s why, in this article, we will show you four important tips to spot fake news according to Harvard University.

Dig into the publisher’s credibility.

You need to be look carefully if the domain names are top-level. This would be websites that have “.com.co”. Some second-level domain name like “abcnews” may be credible, however, abcnews.com.co is another illegitimate site.

Fake News - Tips On How To Spot Fake News
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You might also want to go to the “About Us” section for more information about the publisher. Adding to this, you would also want to make sure that you’re not in a satirical news site.

Quality and Timeliness

Do you notice a lot of spelling errors, capital letters, or dramatic punctuation? If so, there’s a high chance that the source is not legitimate.

Fake News - Tips On How To Spot Fake News
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Reputable news sources would have strict policies when it comes to grammar. Adding to this, they would also have high proofreading standards.

Check The Sources

Consider where you found the article. It could have popped up in your social media feed or promoted on some sketchy website known for clickbait.

According to the article by Harvard, if the topic is a complex issue, be sure to check for the amount of quotes and contributing sources. Credible Journalism is founded on fact-gathering.

Fact check the news yourself

You could definitely go to some fact-checking website like “FactCheck.org”, “Poynter.org”, or “Snopes.com”. With this, you could now do your own detective work.

Fake News - Tips On How To Spot Fake News
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