Woman Sells Balut, Penoy to Help Her Husband w/ Their Finances

Woman Earns Praise for Selling Goods to Support Her Husband w/ Their Finances

A woman from Silay City, Negros Occidental earns praise from the online community for selling goods to help her husband.

Daryl Baldera, a 31-year-old vendor, has been spotted selling balut, penoy, and kwek-kwek to contribute to their family’s finances due to extreme poverty.

Baldera is a resident of Yolanda Housing, Barangay E-Lopez in Silay City. Daryl and her husband have three children, two of whom are still very young, while the other is only in Grade 2.


According to Daryl, she shoulders the responsibility of carrying her husband while he works in the fields. She needs to wander around to avoid being burdened with the task of finding their household necessities because their financial situation is very difficult.

The hardworking lady was braving the scorching heat of the sun and inclement weather conditions just to sell her goods. Baldera uses her income to buy food and milk for her beloved children.

Daryl earnestly hopes that despite the hardships she faces, her children will have a better future. She dreams of enduring the struggles of her life to give her children a brighter tomorrow.

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Together with her husband, they support and love each other to make their home peaceful and to build a foundation for their family in a home that binds pain and happiness. Daryl feels the fatigue of life’s hardships, but she continues to find happiness in her struggles, relying on her faith in God.

“Makabig ko ini nga isa ka pangabuhian ang akon paglibod kag akon ini ginapabugal kay diri nga pamaagi masuportahan ko ang akon pamilya,” Baldera said.

(I consider this livelihood my source of pride because, through this method, I can support my family)

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