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Boy Tapang Offers ‘Diamond Ring’ for Woman Who Will Truly Love Him

Boy Tapang

YouTube Vlogger Boy Tapang Showcases ‘Diamond Ring’ for Woman Who Will Love Him Unconditionally The social media influencer Boy Tapang elicits reactions online after offering a ‘diamond ring’ for the woman who will truly love him. In a bold and unconventional move, content creator Ronnie Suan, popularly known as ‘Boy Tapang,’ recently showcased a diamond … Read more

Man Arrested for Allegedly Blackmailing Woman to Check-in at Motel


Police Authorities Arrest Man for Allegedly Blackmailing Woman to Check-in at Motel A man who was allegedly blackmailing a woman was apprehended by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in a motel in Leyte, Philippines. The culprit, named Francis Nio Niepes, 20, was apprehended in a room with a 20-year-old woman whom he allegedly threatened and … Read more

57-Year-Old Woman Lands in Jail for Called Her Niece “Thief”

57-Year-Old Woman

57-Year-Old Woman Jailed After Calling Her Niece a “Thief” A 57-year-old woman from Barangay Tubigagmanok, Asturias town in midwest Cebu lands in jail for calling her niece a ‘thief’. Lelita Bornia, a married woman from Sitio North Guinabasan, Barangay Tubigagmanok, Asturias town in midwest Cebu, was arrested at 4:30 p.m. by police. On Friday, March … Read more

Woman who Went to a Drinking Party Found lifeless in CamSur

Woman Found Lifeless after Going a Drinking Party in CamSur Police authorities found a lifeless body of a woman who allegedly left their house to attend a drinking party in Camarines Sur (CamSur). A woman who supposedly went drinking at their place did not return home alive, according to reports in the village of Lagonoy … Read more

Man Slaps Woman w/ Slice of Pizza During Heated Argument


Cops Arrest Man for Slapping Woman w/ Slice of Pizza The police authorities arrested a man who slapped a woman with a slice of pizza during exchange of heated argument. As per court documents, a man from Florida named Ortelio Lazaro Alfonso was taken into custody after reportedly assaulting a woman with a piece of … Read more

Woman Arrested for Annulment Processing Scam in QC – NBI

NBI Arrested Woman Over Annulment Processing Scam in Quezon City The personnel of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested a woman for an annulment processing scam in Quezon City. The National Bureau of Investigation’s Cybercrime Section apprehended a lady who allegedly offered annulment processing in exchange for money. According to a report this Thursday, … Read more

Cops Put Helmet on Kimberly Achas’ Partner After Smashing Head

Kimberly Achas’ Partner Forced to Wear Helmet for Allegedly Smashing His Head Police authorities put a helmet on Kimberly Achas’ live-in partner after allegedly smashing his head inside the jail. Elson Erap Jamisula, 27, was arrested after he battered and stabbed his live-in lover Kemberly Achas, 22, a third-year college student, to death. According to … Read more