Authorities Rescue Puppy Hung from Bridge in Sta. Mesa, Manila

Puppy Hung by Owner at Bridge in Sta. Mesa, Manila Rescued by Authorities

ANIMAL CRUELTY – The authorities rescued a puppy that had been tied and hung from a bridge in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Animal cruelty refers to the intentional infliction of harm, suffering, or neglect upon animals. This mistreatment can take various forms and may involve physical abuse, neglect, abandonment, or the use of animals in harmful activities.

It includes things like hitting or kicking animals, not giving them enough food or water, leaving them alone in bad weather, or even making them fight each other. Acts of animal cruelty are not only ethically objectionable but are also often considered illegal in many jurisdictions.


Recently, a distressing situation was discovered when concerned citizens informed the barangay officials about the alarming state of the poor puppy tied and hung on a bridge.

The barangay officials launched a rescue operation and successfully saved the dog, which could be heard crying in a video while hanging from the bridge. The dog’s owner was identified on the bridge during the incident.

The barangay officials immediately took action to secure the safety of the distressed animal. Several witnesses in the barangay played an important role in notifying the authorities about the incident, enabling a quick response to save the dog from further harm.

Currently, the dog is under the care of the barangay, ensuring its well-being and safety. The owner of the dog has been documented in a blotter, admitting to the actions taken against the furry friend.

The owner claimed that they wanted to retrieve the dog, reiterating that it was originally their child’s pet.

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Authorities and concerned citizens play an important role in ensuring that animals are treated with kindness and respect, emphasizing the need for awareness and education on responsible pet ownership.

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