Foreigner Accused of Poisoning Stray Dogs in Bacolod City

Bacolod City Residents Raise Concern as Unidentified Foreigner Allegedly Poisons Stray Dogs

BACOLOD CITY – A foreigner was being accused of poisoning stray dogs around Goldenfield Complex, Barangay Singcang.

The animal welfare group, Community Animal Rescue Efforts (CARE) reported that a foreigner has been allegedly poisoning stray dogs in the vicinity of Goldenfield Complex, Barangay Singcang.

The concerned group is urgently calling on local authorities, the LGU, and the public to be vigilant and help apprehend the person responsible for this cruel act.


CARE classified the incident as an urgent animal abuse case and shared it through a post on social media. According to reports from a concerned citizen, the foreign individual, currently residing in one of the local hotels, has been seen wandering around at night and distributing hotdogs laced with poison to stray dogs in the area.

The animal welfare group is appealing to the LGU, police officers, and Barangay Singcang officials to take prompt action against this inhumane act.

The agency describes the foreign national’s behavior as a violation of RA 8485, also known as the Animal Welfare Law, which protects animals from cruelty and harm.


CARE stresses that no individual, regardless of nationality, should have the right to cause harm or injury to animals. Additionally, they raise a concern that if this person is capable of harming stray dogs, there is potential for harm to fellow Filipinos as well.

The animal welfare group pleads for support and seeks help from business owners in the vicinity. They are encouraging those with CCTV footage to come forward to identify and arrest the suspect.


The post ends with a powerful message: “KAPON ANG SOLUSYON HINDI LASON!” (Castration is the Solution, Not Poison!).

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