Cops Arrest Riding-in-Tandem Involved in Series of Robberies


MOTORCYCLE-RIDING DUO – Police authorities have apprehended a riding-in-tandem duo involved in a series of robberies across Manila. The Ermita Police Chief led the operation, arresting the motorcycle-riding pair who frequently switched motorcycles to evade detection of their modus operandi. The suspects were apprehended during a follow-up operation.

Arrested Riding-in-Tandem Linked to String of Robberies in Manila


Police Arrests Riding-in-Tandem Responsible for String of Robberies in Manila A riding-in-tandem, believed to be involved in a series of robberies in Manila, were arrested in a successful police operation. The suspects were allegedly responsible for various incidents of theft in the city. Their first known encounter with the cops was when they attempted to … Read more

City of Manila Declares Pura Luka Vega as Persona Non Grata

Pura Luka Vega

Pura Luka Vega Declared as Persona Non Grata in City of Manila The City of Manila has officially declared Pura Luka Vega as a persona non grata following his remix performance of “Ama Namin”. Over the past few weeks ago, Filipino drag artist Pura Luka becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after uploading … Read more

How To Get To Bangkok, Thailand – Flight, Bus, Train, Car


How To Get To Bangkok From Manila BANGKOK – Here’s how to travel from Manila to Bangkok, Thailand by train, bus, and plane. Bangkok, the capital and central hub of Thailand, serves as the country’s commercial, economic, and political center. The city is known by the name Bangkok among foreigners, while the locals refer to … Read more

10 Best Airbnb In Manila For Short Rainy Staycation

10 Best Airbnb In Manila 1

10 Best Manila Airbnb For Short Rainy Staycation RAINY STAYCATION – Here are the ten (10) Metro Manila Airbnbs for staycations this rainy season. The rainy season is once again upon us. We shouldn’t be upset that staycations and indoor diversions will soon take the place of sunny weekend vacations to the beach. A completely different … Read more

Malacañang Declares June 24, 2023 as Special Non-Working Holiday in Manila


#WALANGPASOK: Malacañang Palace Declares June 24, 2023 as Special Non-Working Holiday WALANG PASOK – Malacañang Palace has declared June 24, 2023 (Saturday) as a special non-working holiday in Manila. In a move to commemorate the 452nd founding anniversary of the City of Manila, Malacañang has declared June 24 as a special non-working holiday. This proclamation … Read more