2 Individuals Dead After Resisting Arrest in Tondo


2 Individuals Lost Their Live During Confrontation with Police Authorities in Tondo, Manila Two individuals lost their lives after resisting arrest in Tondo, Manila as police were attempting to serve an arrest warrant. On Thursday evening (July 12, 2024), two men were killed and four police officers were injured during a confrontation in Tondo, Manila. … Read more

Two Men Arrested for Robbing Policeman’s House in Manila


Police Authorities Arrested Two Men for Robbing Policeman’s House in Manila Two men landed in jail after breaking into and stealing from the home of a police officer in Sampaloc, Manila. The suspects used a hammer to break the padlock on the gate and gain entry into the police officer’s home on Marzan Street in … Read more

Fake Doctor Arrested After 20 Years of Deceiving Patients

Fake Doctor

NBI Agents Arrest Fake Doctor After Deceiving Patients for 20 Years MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A fake doctor was arrested for practicing medicine and deceiving patients for 20 years without a license. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested a 61-year-old man for practicing medicine without a license. The suspect was giving out prescriptions, providing consultations, … Read more

Foreigners Deceive Vendors in Manila, Money Stolen Through Trickery


2 Foreigners Allegedly Deceived Few Street Vendors in Manila Two foreigners who pretended to be interested in buying goods and learning about Philippine currency reportedly deceived a few street vendors. Several street vendors were swindled by two foreigners in Sampaloc, Manila. According to one victim, the foreigners approached her in a white car and initially … Read more

Man Steals Motorcycle During Test Drive in Tondo, Manila


Motorcycle Stolen During Test Drive and Sold in Manila TONDO, MANILA – A man posing as a potential buyer stole a motorcycle during a test drive and subsequently sold it for P55, 000. According to the Manila Police District (MPD, the suspect approached the motorbike owner under the guise of a buyer interested in purchasing … Read more

Former MTPB Employee Arrested for Extorting Motorist in Manila

Former MTPB Employee

Authorities Arrest Former MTPB Employee for Extorting Motorist A former MTPB employee was arrested after allegedly extorting money from a motorist he had apprehended in Manila. Extortion is a serious crime involving the use of threats, intimidation, or coercion to obtain money, property, or services from another individual or entity. It is a form of … Read more

Policeman Arrests Childhood Friend for Selling Illegal Drug


Manila Market Worker Arrested by Childhood Friend Policeman for Alleged Drug Dealing MANILA – A brave policeman arrests his childhood friend working as ‘kargador’ for allegedly selling illegal drugs. A market worker suspected of proliferating drugs was apprehended by a childhood friend who works as a policeman. The arrest took place in Andres Bukid, where … Read more