Extension Cord Underneath Blanket Catches Fire While Man and Nephew Are Asleep

Extension Cord Catches Fire While Man and Nephew Are Asleep in Thailand

SAKHON NAKHON, THAILAND – An extension cord underneath a blanket catches fire while a man and his nephew are peacefully asleep.

In a small town in Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand, a dangerous situation occurred as an extension cord hidden beneath a blanket suddenly caught fire in the early hours of the morning. The incident took place while a man and his nephew were peacefully asleep.

Around 5 in the morning, a popping sound startled the sleeping man and his nephew as the nearby electrical outlet, placed beneath their blanket, began sparking. Despite the flames spreading to the blanket, the two remained asleep, unaware of the danger.

Extension Cord

After a few moments, the extension cord burst into flames, even reaching the blanket. Despite the burning situation, the two continued to sleep, with two minutes passing before the younger family member woke up to the fire affecting the outlet part of the blanket.

In a quick response, the man moved his cell phone away from the burning extension cord. However, they had no fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

The older family member blew the burning outlet until the fire finally subsided. Fortunately, the situation was brought under control, and the fire did not spread throughout the house.

Extension Cord

Experts warn that extension cords may catch fire if overloaded, overheated, or if they are old and of poor quality. In the event of a fire, it is essential to turn off the electrical supply in the house immediately.

Using water to put out the flames is not safe, as it can conduct electricity. The best course of action is to use a fire extinguisher, and in its absence, baking soda can be a safe substitute, containing sodium bicarbonate known for its fire-suppressing properties.

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