Unhappy Students Leave Bad Reviews After Coffee Shop Asks Them to Leave

Coffee Shop Asks Non-Paying Customers to Leave, Unsatisfied Students Leave Bad Reviews

Unhappy students leave bad reviews after a coffee shop in Bacolod City politely asks them to leave for overstaying.

Recently, a group of students found themselves in hot water after being asked to leave a local coffee shop. The students decided to express their displeasure by leaving negative reviews on the coffee shop’s Google Maps page.

The Facebook page “The Bacolod Food Hunters” shared screenshots of unhappy students’ bad reviews of the coffee shop. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited reactions from the netizens.

Unhappy Students

The coffee shop identified as Slo Bar, had politely asked the non-paying student customer to leave the premises, leading to a digital backlash.

According to Slo Bar’s Instagram post, only two out of the ten students had made purchases, ordering drinks while occupying three separate tables. The post urges customers to be considerate of others who wish to patronize the establishment.

The coffee shop emphasized the need for fairness in business practices, pointing out that patrons need to be mindful and considerate of fellow customers who may want to enjoy the services offered.

Unhappy Students

Slo Bar expressed disappointment over the students’ behavior. While the negative reviews flooded in, the coffee shop received possible feedback from Reel Bacolod Food, showing the excellence of the food, particularly the waffles.

The incident reminds us of the power of social media in shaping public opinion. The situation displays the challenges faced by businesses in managing customer interactions and the impact of social media on a company’s reputation.

Unhappy Students

Here is the full post:

“Students review-bomb Slo bar on Google Maps with negative reviews after they were politely asked to leave. According to Slo Bars post on Instagram – Among the 10 students – only two ordered drinks and they took up three tables.

This is not fair to the business. Please be mindful and considerate of other customers who might want to come in and make orders.

We’ve been to Slo Bar with Reel Bacolod Food (who made a reel for them showing the EXCELLENT food, especially the waffles!) and we loved our visit!”

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Unhappy Students

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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