Student Falls Victim to Theft in Pasay Coffee Shop


Lady Student Falls Victim to Salisi Gang Members at Coffee Shop ROBBERY INCIDENT – A student allegedly falls victim to Salisi Gang members at a coffee shop in Pasay City. On Monday, June 3, 2024, a student named Deepthi Sadhwani fell victim to theft by a member of the “salisi gang” at a coffee shop … Read more

Coffee Shop in Bulacan Earns Online Admiration for Allowing Stray Dogs to Stay

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop in Bulacan Welcomed Stray Dogs, Earns Praise from Netizens A coffee shop in Bulacan has garnered admiration from netizens after allowing stray dogs to enter its premises. Kindness to animals is an important aspect of being compassionate and caring towards all living beings. It involves treating animals with respect, empathy, and understanding, recognizing … Read more

Act of Kindness at Coffee Shop Touches Many Hearts

Coffee Shop

Act of Kindness at Coffee Shop Touches Many Hearts COMPASSION – An act of kindness shown by customers at a coffee shop spreads like wildfire online and touches many hearts. Recently, Babs P Delluxe, a Facebook user, shared a heartwarming story of compassion displayed by customers at a local coffee shop. The post quickly went … Read more

Unhappy Students Leave Bad Reviews After Coffee Shop Asks Them to Leave

Unhappy Students

Coffee Shop Asks Non-Paying Customers to Leave, Unsatisfied Students Leave Bad Reviews Unhappy students leave bad reviews after a coffee shop in Bacolod City politely asks them to leave for overstaying. Recently, a group of students found themselves in hot water after being asked to leave a local coffee shop. The students decided to express … Read more

Travel Vlogger Airs Dismay on How Filipinos Treat Coffee Shops as Makeshift Offices

Travel Vlogger

Travel Vlogger Expresses Surprise at How Coffee Shops Are Treated in the Philippines A UK travel vlogger has expressed his dismay at how Filipinos treat coffee shops as makeshift offices. Dale Philip, a vlogger from Scotland, recently shared his vlog during his visit to the Philippines. He expressed his dismay at how coffee shops, particularly … Read more

Lady Netizen Shares Her Own ‘Tipid’ Tip “Starbucks P200, Siomai P60”

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen Flexes Starbucks Coffee P200, Siomai P60: “Para Tipid” A lady netizen goes viral and elicits comments online after sharing her own ‘tipid’ tip method “Starbucks P200, Siomai P60”. Frugality is a lifestyle that emphasizes responsible spending and saving money. It involves being mindful of your expenses and making conscious decisions about where and … Read more

Glaiza De Castro Shares Glimpse Of Coffee Shop In Baler

Glaiza De Castro, David Rainey, Coffee Shop

Check Out Glaiza De Castro & David Rainey’s Soon-to-open Coffee Shop In Baler GLAIZA DE CASTRO – Kapuso actress Glaiza de Castro shared a glimpse of her and her husband David Rainey’s coffee shop in Baler. Glaiza de Castro and David Rainey got stranded in Baler during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in 2020. They … Read more