Subic Tourist Spots – Where To Go & What To Visit?

Here are some Subic tourist spots you must check out!

SUBIC TOURIST SPOTS – If you are headed to Subic, here are some of the most famous attractions you should see.

Located in the province of Zambales is Subic. This is a famous place for those who would want a quick trip away from the busy Manila. There are a lot of buses going there and there are a lot of attractions that you will surely enjoy.

There are buses from Cubao, Earnshaw, Pasay, and Caloocan going to Olongapo.

As for the accommodations, there are a lot of beach resorts in Subic that will serve as your sweet home for your staycation. Some hotels and resorts will suit your preference and as for the places you must visit, here’s a list!

  • Zoobic Safari – A family trip won’t be complete without a visit to this famous attraction. People of all ages can surely have fun in this 20-hectare animal park. There are tigers, zebras, and crocodiles.
  • Inflatable Island – This is best for groups of friends and families who are into water sports. There are features like water slides, towers, bridges, and a beach lounge for relaxation. 
  • USS New York Sea Wreck – This is just one of the most famous diving spots in Subic Bay. Back in the day, particularly, during World War I to II, the USS New York Sea Wreck was the fastest armored cruiser worldwide.
  • Ocean Adventure – This famous theme park is located in Ilanin Forest West where people can have a safe encounter with sea lions, dolphins, turtles, jacks, and sharks. 
  • Funtastic Park – This is an educational amusement park in Ilanin Forest East featuring interactive activities like Mirror Maze, Trick Art, 3D Enchanted Forest Garden, Science Zone, Ames Room, and many more.
  • Pamulaklakin Forest Trail – This is for those who are active. This is a wildlife refuge site in Binictican Height.
  • Subic Bay Yacht Club – This is for people who want to be fancy. They have yacht rental offers with an hourly rate per head. This is perfect for groups who want more privacy.
  • Magaul Bird Park – Subic is among the country’s 13th-best bird-watching sites. This is in the JEST camp where kids can learn and have fun at the same time.

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