Michelle Dee On Her Real Relationship Status w/ Miss Thailand

What’s the real score between Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild?

Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee spoke about her real relationship status with Miss Thailand Anntonia Porsild.

Michelle enjoyed her Miss Universe stint even though she was not able to bring home the crown. Pinoy pageant fans showed enormous support for her from pre-pageant until the coronation night. She also received the full support from previous Pinay Miss Universe title holders.

One of the things that Michelle won in the beauty pageant was her friendship with other candidates. Fans have been shipping her with Miss Thailand. The hashtag “PorDee” even trended on social media as their combined name.

michelle dee anntonia porsild
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Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild captured the attention of pageant fans with their photos together and shared them online. In a recent interview, Michelle was asked about the connection she has with Anntonia, based on the article in Bandera.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but PorDee shippers should understand that what they have is friendship. “She is in a very serious long-term relationship. I respect them and I wish them the best. Of course, it’s really just work. It’s really just making sure that our fans are united,” Michelle said.

However, Michelle stressed that the friendship between her and Anntonia is real. “But the friendship is real, the friendship is genuine. So it’s hard to put labels on it other than friends because we are just really close friends at this point,” she said.

The Pinay beauty queen also shared that there had been inquiries for her and the Thai beauty queen to collaborate on a project. However, she is not yet allowed to say anything about this. Previously, Michelle shared the parting gift that she received from Anntonia.

Michelle Dee pointed out that it is a mission accomplished for her and Anntonia Porsild because what they wanted was to unite their fans. It has been known to many pageant fans that there was somehow an unspoken rivalry between the Philippines and Thailand when it came to the Miss Universe pageant.

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