SK Candidate Lost His Life After Suffering Cardiac Arrest While Playing Basketball

SK Candidate in Davao City Dies While Playing Basketball

DAVAO CITY – A 23-year-old SK candidate tragically lost his life after suffering a cardiac arrest during a basketball game.

The victim, identified as Philip Saladio Jr. tragically passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest while playing basketball. The unfortunate incident has left Philip’s parents and those around him unaware of any underlying health issues.

During that day, a sound of laughter and friendly competition filled the air at a local basketball court in Barangay Tawan-Tawan. The candidate for Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) chairman in Davao City joined a friendly basketball match.

SK Candidate

In the CCTV footage, Philip appeared to faint on the court, leaving both players and the audience in shock. As he collapsed onto the court, the game was halted immediately, and a sense of urgency overcame those present.

His fellow players and onlookers rushed to his side, recognizing that something was gravely wrong. He was immediately rushed to the hospital due to the seriousness of the situation.

However, despite the valiant efforts of medical professionals and the prayers of his family and friends, Philip succumbed to cardiac arrest.

Philip’s parents, Melanie and Philip Sr. we’re watching their son’s basketball game with pride and enthusiasm. They were completely unaware that their beloved child had any underlying health issues that might have contributed to the cardiac arrest.

“Hindi nga ako agad lumapit kasi akala ko natisod lang siguro,” Melanie, the victim’s mother said.

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Saladio was not just an ordinary young man, he played an important role in mentoring and teaching basketball skills to the youth of Barangay Tawan-Tawan.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the unfortunate incident:

SK Candidate

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