Sara Duterte Issues Statement About “Misleading” Road Closure Viral Video

Here’s the official statement of VP Sara Duterte regarding the viral video.

Vice President Sara Duterte said in a statement that the viral video was false and asked the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) to explain.

“Wow! Ko-cross si VP Sara, isasara niyo yung commonwealth,” says the man in the viral video. Based on a previous article, a section along Commonwealth has been allegedly close for a time.

The police officer in the video said that the temporary closure is for Vice President Duterte to cross the stress unhampered.

Many netizens did not like this. The video received a lot of comments and eventually went viral online. But as soon as the views and reach of the video surged even higher, the vice president issued a statement shedding light on what really happened.

Sara Duterte

The issue was written to Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) District Dir. PBGen Redrico Maranan. She urged his office to explain the incident. Accordingly, neither she nor her office has asked the assistance as she is in Mindanao for World Teacher’s Day and other activities.

Duterte called on the Quezon City Police District to investigate and hold “those responsible accountable for their actions”. The statement stressed that the VP would never make such a request as her commitment to “ensuring the welfare and convenience of the Filipino people remains unwavering”.

She said the QCPD should rectify the error and let the public know the real reason behind the reason of road closure “including naming the supposed VIP who requested such action”.

Check out below:

Meanwhile, on the same day, the QCPD Public Information Office apologized for the inconvenience brought to motorists by the event where they’d have to make way for a VIP. According to them, the police officer “mistakenly heard the word VP” and cleared Duterte by stating that she had no engagement in the area.

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  1. What you have donecan not be undone but let the PNP explain their loopholes and let them apologize to the affected citizens.


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