Rendon Labador Reacts to Disrespectful Guests Who Destroy Facilities at Private Resort

Rendon Labador Issues Statement After Disrespectful Guests Destroy Facilities at Private Resort in Laguna

Internet personality Rendon Labador reacts to the disrespectful guests who destroyed the facilities at a private resort.

Earlier this week, Kath Llarenas, the owner of Jeremias Resort in Bucal, Calamba City, Laguna couldn’t hide her disappointment after some disrespectful guests wreaked havoc inside the property.

The guests threw chairs, tables, a water dispenser, a BBQ grill, and broken bottles of liquor into the pool. Sand, cooking oil, and sharp bits of glass spread in the pool, leaving it in complete chaos.

Rendon Labador

The culprits immediately left the establishment after the caretaker decided to inspect the pool area. Llaneras witnessed the entire incident upon reviewing the resort’s CCTV footage.

Eventually, the guests were identified as employees of Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines. The company distanced itself from the irresponsible act of its workers.

SEMPHIL also released an official statement regarding the incident. The giant company expressed its sympathy and apologized for the inappropriate behavior of its workers at the resort.

The firm clarified that the outing was an official event of their company. However, it was still unclear if the workers would be dismissed from their jobs.

Recently, the so-called motivational speaker Rendon Labador lambasted and expressed his rage toward the irresponsible guests. He criticized the culprits and described their excursion as “Outing ng mga tanga”.

The internet star lauded SEMPHIL for expressing concern and releasing a public apology regarding the incident. He also urged the firm to audit and monitor the behavior of their employees to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Earlier, a private resort owner airs disappointment after disrespectful guests destroy facilities

Rendon Labador

Labador also wants the company to extend a helping hand to the private resort for the damage caused by their workers.

The social media users expressed their reactions to Rendon Labador’s recent statement.

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