SSS Loan Online — Guide on Member Application Process

Steps on SSS Loan Online Application Process for Members

SSS LOAN ONLINE – You can check the guide below for the application process members of the Social Security System can follow.

A huge part of the Filipino populace is a member of the Social Security System, a state-run social insurance agency. Most of these individuals are local employees of the private sector and self-employed individuals.

Social Security System (SSS)
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Aside from local employees and self-employed individuals, some SSS members are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and voluntary members. It has also opened its membership to household employees or kasambahays.

Local employers or private companies and the household employees take part in the payment of the employees’ contributions. To keep an up-to-date account, a member must regularly post a monthly contribution.

SSS Loan Online
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Accumulated contributions can get a member qualified to the different SSS loans offered by the state-run social insurance agency to the members. These are apart from the different benefits offered by the state institution.

The SSS offers Sickness Benefit, Maternity Benefit, Disability Benefit, Funeral Benefit, and Unemployment Benefit among others. Each bear its own set of eligibility criteria and requirements for application.

With regards to the Social Security System loans, the state-run social insurance agency offers the SSS Salary Loan which is a multi-purpose cash loan offer, the SSS Housing Loan that is ready to finance a home repair or improvement, and the SSS Calamity Loan that members can turn to in times of natural disasters.

For a more convenient way of applying to a loan offer of the Social Security System, you may go for the SSS loan online application process. Before proceeding, make sure you did the process for the SSS Online Registration.

SSS Loan Online Application

  • Step 1 – Go to the official website of the Social Security System and log in to your My.SSS account.
  • Step 2 – Click “I am not a Robot”.
  • Step 3 – Click “E-Services” and then “Loans” and then “Apply for Salary Loan”.
  • Step 4 – Pick your target loan amount and preferred disbursement account.
  • Step 5 – Read the “Terms and Conditions for Salary Loan”. If you agree, tick the box and click “Proceed”.
  • Step 6 – View, download, and print the Loan Disclosure Statement. Click “Proceed” if you agree with the schedule of payments.
  • Step 7 – A notification message will be shown on your screen.

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