LTO Violation 2023 — Full List of Penalties Set for Traffic, Driving Violators

Guide on LTO Penalty for Every Violation in Driving in PH

LTO VIOLATION 2023 – You can check the guide below for the full list of the penalties set by the Land Transportation Office.

The government agency that takes charge of making sure that the traffic and driving rules are implemented is the Land Transportation Office. More popularly called LTO, it is also the government institution that releases driver’s license for eligible drivers and student permits. It is also where running vehicles in the Philippine roads are registered.

LTO Violation 2023
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The LTO has set the fees for car registration which depends on the type of vehicle to be registered, the year it was released, and several other factors. The car registration is renewed yearly and the vehicle goes through check-up.

It is at the LTO where you can apply for a license in driving. It has also set a list of requirements for driver’s license renewal as the licenses, may it be non-professional or professional, come with a validity period.

LTO Penalties
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Driving without a license and with an expired license are both part of the LTO violation fees and they come with corresponding penalties. The government agency has also set traffic rules to heightened the safety of the motorists and everyone on the road.

It is important to be aware of the LTO violation 2023 list as well as the penalty set under these driving and traffic acts as an added factor to abide by the law.

  • Driving without License – P3,000
  • Submission of Fake Documents in Relation to Application for Driver’s License – P3,000
  • Not wearing seatbelt
    • First Offense – P1,000
    • Second Offense – P2,000
    • Third Offense – P5,000
  • Not wearing standard protective motorcycle helmet (driver and back rider)
    • First Offense – P1,500
    • Second Offense – P3,000
    • Third Offense – P5,000
  • Careless Driving (not using signal lights, not paying attention to road quality / visibility)
    • First Offense – P2,000
    • Second Offense – P3,000
    • Subsequent Conviction – P10,000
  • Driving a car with no proper and authorized devices, accessories, and parts – P5,000
  • Driving a car with an unauthorized or improperly attached motor vehicle license plate – P5,000
  • Smoke Belching
    • First Offense – P2,000
    • Second Offense – P4,000
    • Third Offense – P6,000
  • Driving without Valid Vehicle Registration – P10,000
  • Driving illegally modified car – P5,000
  • Running a right-hand car – P50,000
  • Illegal Parking – P1,000
  • Disobeying Traffic Lights – P1,000
  • Driving in Prohibited Roads – P1,000
  • Failure to darken headlamps – P1,000
  • Turning in roads it is not allowed – P1,000
  • Overtaking in roads it is not allowed – P1,000
  • Driving without Valid Vehicle Registration – P10,000
  • Driving illegally modified car – P5,000
  • Running a right-hand car – P50,000
  • Failure to carry driver’s license while driving – P1,000
  • Failure to yield right of away to ambulance, police, or fire department vehicles – P1,000

Once the driver’s license was confiscated by a LTO officer, you will have to pay for the fine first at the designated office in your city before you can get your driver’s license again. The current driver’s license validity offered by the government agency is 10 years.

However, the eligibility to avail the 10-year validity again may be affected if you have committed traffic and driving violations as your record will be checked. It is important to really heed to the rules set by LTO not only to avoid the fines and penalties set by the government agency but also for the safety of everyone on the road with you.

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