Guide on How Much You Need To Prepare for LTO Car Registration Fees

LTO CAR REGISTRATION FEES – Here is a guide on how much money you need to prepare for the vehicle registration to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

In the Philippines, drivers and vehicle owners should have their cars registered to the Land Transportation Office. It is commonly called LTO by the public.

The said government agency is among the busiest agencies in the country every day. It is in charged for issuing LTO Driver’s License and permits and a lot of people apply for it daily.

Aside from the driver’s license and permits, it is also at the Land Transportation Office where drivers and vehicle owners should renew them. Motorcycles and cars also need to be registered.

LTO Car Registration Fees

In making certain transactions with the Land Transportation Office, the applicant should prepare an amount for the processing fees.

Based on an article on Moneymax, the applicants should prepare at least Php 1,900.00 for the LTO car registration fees. Here is a breakdown of the expenses:

  • Initial fee: PHP 1,000.00 per category
  • Renewal fee: PHP 400.00 per category
  • Stickers and tags: PHP 50.00 each
  • Regular plate: PHP 450.00

According to the article, the cost in registering may differ depending on the type of vehicles. It is the LTO evaluator that will determine the final registration cost.

For the requirements in registering a motor vehicle, visit:

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