Arjo Atayde, Maine Mendoza’s Europe Trip: No public funds for this

House stated that there will be no public funds for the Europe trip of Arjo Atayde

House secretary general Reginald Velasco stated that there will be no public funds that will be spent for the Europe trip of celebrity couple Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza.

Arjo and Maine’s after-wedding trip became a hot topic on social media. The Phenomenal Star called out the news outlet for releasing a write-up about their trip which is considered “official” because he will be serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Special Committee in Congress on Creative Industry and Performing Arts.

Maine pointed out that their expenses will be from their own pockets and not from government funds.

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However, stood by the first story that it released. The news outlet even stressed that what was published came from a reliable source.

Maine once again slammed the follow-up article that published. She stressed that it is still “misleading.” The actress-host also reiterated that the government will not be paying for their Europe trip.

Following this exchange of statements between Maine Mendoza and, Arjo Atayde’s fellow lawmaker defended him.

Based on the article in Inquirer, House secretary general Reginald Velasco confirmed that the actor-politician was given a travel authority for his visit to Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. The House secretary-general is the one tasked to issue travel authority.

On the other hand, Velasco stressed that Arjo will be the one who will shoulder the travel expenses. “No government funds will be spent as he will finance his trip,” the House secretary general said.

arjo atayde maine mendoza
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Velasco said that the staff of the actor-politician has the travel authority document when he was asked to show a copy of this. Arjo’s staff has yet to respond to the request to show the document.

If a representative has a travel authority, this means that if he or she will have an official trip he or she will be marked present when the lower chamber is in session.

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