Motorcycle Rider Crashed for Speeding on Skyway Amid Wet Road

Motorcycle Rider Speeding on Skyway Amid Wet Road Due to Rain Crashed

A video of a motorcycle rider who crashed on Skyway after speeding amid a wet road due to rain elicited reactions on social media.

Driving on wet roads demands extra caution and alertness because they are slippery and can lead to an accident. Wet roads present a number of hazards that can enhance the likelihood of an accident.

Speeding on a wet road will cause you to lose control of your vehicle and crash. The friction between your vehicle’s tires and the road surface decreases when the roads are wet. This decrease in traction makes it more difficult for your tires to grip the road, increasing your chances of sliding or losing control of your car.

Rider Speeding Skyway

Meanwhile, a rider crashed on the Skyway after going too fast despite the fact that the road was wet from rain. The biker came abruptly in the video provided on Twitter by @hitman531ph, and his tire suddenly slipped, forcing him to collapse.

Its motorcycle flipped, crashed to the side of the road, and ended up in the middle of the road. The footage shows that no one assisted the cyclist, despite the fact that he was unable to move after being hit.  Several autos had just passed the rider as well.

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