Rider with No Helmet, License Crash After Trying to Evade Traffic Cops

No Helmet, Driver’s License Rider Crash Over Attempt to Escape Violation An irresponsible motorcycle rider crash as he tries to escape traffic enforcers apprehending him over no helmet and driver’s license violations. Road mishaps and accidents increase every day due to irresponsible motorists and so-called ‘kamote riders.’  Both the internet and motorist communities have condemned … Read more

Ella Cruz “Sumemplang” During Her Motorcycle Training Day

Ella Cruz

Ella Cruz Crashed on Her Motorcycle During Training (Video) MOTORCYCLE CRASH – The video footage during the motorcycle crash of the Filipina actress Ella Cruz during her training day. Gabriela Annjane Umali Cruz or popularly known as Ella Cruz is a Filipina actress, dancer, product endorser, host, commercial and promotional model. She rose to fame … Read more