25-Year-Old Guy Stabbed Over P100 Dispute

25-Year-Old Guy

25-Year-Old Guy Lost His Life After Being Stabbed Over P100 Dispute A 25-year-old guy identified as Angelo Rodriguez, also known as “Elok,” was stabbed to death due to a dispute over P100. According to police reports, Elok, a newcomer to the area, was chased with a knife by his assailant known only as “Hapon.” They … Read more

Convenience Store Owner Foils Suspect’s Gcash Scam

Convenience Store Owner

Video of Convenience Store Owner Foiling Suspect’s Gcash Scam Goes Viral A convenience store owner goes viral and earns praise from netizens after she successfully foiled a suspect’s Gcash scam. Yvonne Bautista, a Facebook user, shared a video footage of herself who successfully thwarted a scammer’s attempt to deceive three of her neighbors. The video … Read more

Thief Who Attempted to Rob Former MMA Fighter Ends Up Injured


CUBAO, QUEZON CITY – A male thief who attempted to rob a former MMA fighter inside a condominium building ended up injured. Patrick Gambe, a former MMA Fighter, and his wife had a transaction with three men. The suspects declared a holdup, leading to an intense confrontation. The victim managed to stop one of the … Read more

Former MMA Fighter Beats Man Who Tried to Rob Him

Former MMA Fighter

Former MMA Fighter Stops Robbery Attempt, One Suspect Arrested A former MMA fighter beats the man who attempted to rob him at a condominium building in Cubao, Quezon City. Last Saturday (December 16, 2023), a man who attempted to rob an ex-MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter ended up injured and arrested. According to PLtCol. June … Read more

Grade 4 Student Hospitalized After Hurt by Stepfather


A Grade 4 student in Barangay Culiat, Quezon City, was hospitalized after being injured by his stepfather. The 29-year-old stepdad was arrested by the Quezon City Police for harming his nine-year-old stepson. The intoxicated man repeatedly struck the child with a badminton racket at a computer shop, intending to send him home.

Stepdad Hurts Grade 4 Student w/ Badminton Racket, Suspect Arrested


Police Arrests Stepdad for Smashing Grade 4 Student w/ Badminton Racket A 29-year-old stepdad in Barangay Culiat, Quezon City was arrested after physically harming a Grade 4 student using a badminton racket. Quezon City Police District Station 14 Deputy Station Commander Police Major Jefry Gamboa reported that the child abuse incident took place on Sunday … Read more

37-Year-Old Man Arrested for 3 Estafa Cases & Bouncing Checks

37-Year-Old Man

The police authorities arrested a 37-year-old man in Pasay City for using fake social media accounts to lure his victims. Aaron Macapagal voluntarily surrendered to La Loma Police Station for being accused of three cases of estafa, one count of illegal possession and use of false treasury or bank notes and other instruments of credit, … Read more

Man Using Fake Social Media Accounts Arrested for Estafa Case

Man Using Fake Social Media Accounts

Police Arrests 37-Year-Old Man for Using Fake Social Media Accounts & Bouncing Checks MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A 37-year-old man using fake social media accounts to lure his victims was arrested for three Estafa cases. The suspect identified as Aaron Macapagal voluntarily surrendered to authorities on Thursday afternoon (November 16, 2023) in Pasay City, facing multiple … Read more

VICTORY LINER INCIDENT: Authorities Expose Suspect’s Possible Motive


Police Authorities Expose Suspect’s Possible Motive Regarding Victory Liner Incident VICTORY LINER INCIDENT – The police authorities exposed the suspect’s possible motive behind the gruesome crime inside the bus. In Barangay Minuli, Caranglan, Nueva Ecija, a heinous crime happened inside a Victory Liner bus on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. One passenger suddenly shot the person … Read more