Woman Shares Heartfelt Post After Husband Underwent Vasectomy “I Felt Very Seen and Heard”

“I Felt Very Seen and Heard”: Wife and Loving Husband Share Journey Towards Shared Responsibility in Family Planning

FAMILY PLANNING – A grateful woman has shared a heartfelt post after her beloved husband underwent vasectomy.

A netizen named Cleanne Vlance recently shared a heartfelt tweet about her experience removing her contraceptive implant while her husband underwent a vasectomy as a form of male birth control.

In her post, Cleanne expressed her admiration for her husband’s unwavering support and how she felt truly understood and valued.


Vlance had been using a contraceptive implant for almost 10 months, but the side effects had become increasingly difficult to bear. It was then that her husband stepped forward and suggested removing the implant, assuring her that she did not have to endure the challenges of another contraceptive method with potential side effects.

The woman narrated how her husband had a vasectomy in the morning, and she had her implant removed in the afternoon, making it a beautiful and significant day for their family. She expressed her gratitude for feeling truly seen and heard in this decision.

The sacrifices she had made during pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, and getting the implant were acknowledged, and she appreciated her husband stepping up and taking this step willingly, for their family.

The grateful wife emphasized the sense of privilege and love she felt, knowing that she was not alone and that her husband was willing to share the burdens and challenges of family planning. She reflected on how fortunate she was to have a partner who prioritized her well-being and happiness.

Here is the full post:

My husband never ever fails to amaze me and make me his top priority. I had my contraceptive implant for almost 10 months and the side effects were getting unbearable. This man stepped up telling me to remove the implant and telling me I don’t have to go through another

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