Husband Left His Wife Stranded After Apprehended by MMDA Due to Violation


A husband reportedly left his wife stranded after they were apprehended by MMDA enforcers due to a traffic violation. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority apprehended the motorcycle rider during a clearing operation against illegally parked vehicles and other road obstructions near the Batasan Pambansa in Quezon City.

MMDA Apprehends Rider for Driving Without License, Leaves Wife Stranded


Motorcycle Rider Left His Wife Stranded After Apprehended by MMDA for Driving Without License A motorcycle rider left his wife stranded after MMDA apprehended him for driving without a license in Quezon City. Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is a government agency tasked with the responsibility of coordinating, planning, and regulating various aspects of the … Read more

Wife Shares Amusing Discovery in Husband’s Pocket “Sabi ko pa’mandin jackpot!”


Adorable Wife Shares Chowking’s Toyomansi She Found Inside Husband’s Pants Pocket An adorable wife goes viral online for sharing an amusing discovery on her husband’s pants pocket “Sabi ko pa’mandin jackpot!” Over the past few weeks, it has become a trend on social media to prank your spouse by surprising them with various items, often … Read more

Husband Surprises Wife w/ P100,000 Money Bouquet


Video of Husband Surprising His Wife w/ P100,000 Money Bouquet Goes Viral A husband goes viral and earns praise online for surprising his beloved wife with money bouquet worth P100,000. Nyza Mabelle Layson Salenga, a Facebook user, has shared the heartwarming video of her dad surprising her mom with a P100,000 money bouquet. The post … Read more

Lady Netizen Flexes Cute Conversation w/ Husband After Having Minor Disagreement

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen Shares Adorable Moment w/ Husband After Having Quarrel LOVER’S QUARREL – A lady netizen flexed the conversation with her husband after they had a minor disagreement. A TikTok user rhein.28 named Gwyneth has shared video footage of her cute conversation with her husband following a lover’s quarrel. The video quickly circulated online and … Read more

Woman Shares Heartfelt Post After Husband Underwent Vasectomy “I Felt Very Seen and Heard”


“I Felt Very Seen and Heard”: Wife and Loving Husband Share Journey Towards Shared Responsibility in Family Planning FAMILY PLANNING – A grateful woman has shared a heartfelt post after her beloved husband underwent vasectomy. A netizen named Cleanne Vlance recently shared a heartfelt tweet about her experience removing her contraceptive implant while her husband … Read more

Husband Seeks Advice From ‘Virtual Kapitbahays’ After His Wife Bought Purple Bidet “Hindi kasi terno sa shower”


Husband Asked Help From ‘Virtual Kapitbahays’ After His Wife Bought Purple Bidet PURPLE BIDET – A funny husband sought help from his ‘virtual kapitbahays’ after his beloved wife bought a purple bidet. In the age of social media, seeking advice from virtual communities has become a common practice. One such instance unfolded when Jayvee Delfin, … Read more