Husband Undergoes Vasectomy Due to Love for His Wife

Inspiring Story of Husband Who Underwent Vasectomy Due to Love for His Wife

FAMILY PLANNING – A loving husband undergoes vasectomy and sacrificed his comfort due to his love for his wife.

The Filipino couple Ladylyn and Aris Flores planned to have a small family since the beginning of their marriage life. The two plan to observe family planning to control the number of their children.

The couple has already two children and plan to stop Ladylyn from giving birth to more babies. The woman initially planned to undergo a ligation process to prevent producing off springs.


However, Ladylyn changed her mind after learning that the government will conduct a free vasectomy process. At first, Aris felt fear as he learned that the experts will conduct “non-scalpel” procedure.

The non-scalpel vasectomy or keyhole vasectomy is a type of vasectomy procedure wherein the ‘tube’ allowing sperm to flow with be cut and stopped. After the operation, the wound was just covered by band aid.

“Main reason is pagmamahal, Kung mahal natin ang asawa natin, hangga’t maaari ayaw nating makitang nahihirapan sila,” Aris said.

Aris also advised his fellow men to think carefully if they really wanted to undergo vasectomy process because it can’t be undone once the procedure is complete. He did not notice any change after the process.

“Sabi ko, ito na ang pinaka- way para maipakita sa kaniya na hindi lang siya ang dapat gumagawa ng paraan para sa family planning. Dapat kasama rin ako,” Aris added.

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